Sponsorship Information


Sponsorship Levels

Main Sponsor - $50,000
Premier Sponsor - $25,000
Platinum Sponsor - $10,000
Gold Sponsor - $7,500
Silver Sponsor - $5,000
Bronze Sponsor - $2,500

Additional Unique Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Break - $5,000 (4 sponsorships available)

Lunch - $5,000 (4 sponsorships available)

Reception - $10,000 (2 sponsorships available)

Banquet - $15,000 (3 sponsorships available)


Sponsorship Form


Sponsorship Policies

  1. Sponsor names may be released to other educational facilities seeking to promote similar events, conferences, workshops and seminars.
  2. We will not allow our name, marks and/or logo to be used in relation to an official endorsement of a sponsor’s product or company without written authority.
  3. We will keep receipts of all fiscal transactions to provide full information to the IRS.
  4. Corporate/Organizational sponsorships will not be a financial hardship to us.
  5. All sponsorships will be based on a written contract (please see Sponsorship Form).
  6. All sponsorships will be offered on an individual basis. Partnerships are not permitted.
  7. Sponsorship donations will be due within 3 months of the signature of the contract.